Death, Dying, and Transformation

A Panel Discussion in Houston

Death, Dying, and Transformation, a panel discussion of experts on death and dying, took place on May 21, 2013 with an audience of over 200 people from the Houston area.

Topics included the experience of dying, dealing with the fear of death, and how we can help ourselves and others through the dying process.

Media coverage of the event includes:


Dr. Janice Holden

Dr. Janice Holden

Dr. Janice Holden, Ed.D. is a professor and department chair in the College of Education at University of North Texas. Dr. Holden is also a licensed professional counselor with many areas of expertise. Since 2008, she has served as editor for the Journal of Near Death Studies and in 2009 collaborated on her work The Handbook of Near-Death Experiences, which discusses 30 years of research into the topic. Additionally, she has written various articles concerning the experience of death and dying. more information
Dr. Susan Lieberman

Dr. Susan Lieberman

Dr. Susan Lieberman, Ph.D. is an author of eight books and her most recent work, Death, Dying, and Dessert focuses on end of life decisions and care. The unifying theme in all her work has been a desire to help people find satisfying resolutions to the situations that arise from leading busy, complicated lives and to grow into their best selves. Currently, Susan works with the Y Collaborative, an end-of-life consultancy whose goals are to provide end-of-life services that help individuals, families, businesses and organizations accept dying and death as part of life and reduce anxiety and stress surrounding death. more information
Dr. Gus Krucke

Dr. Gus W. Krucke

Dr. Gus W. Krucke, MD is a medical doctor specializing in both emergency medicine and internal medicine who practices at Thomas Street Health Center and serves as medical director at the Omega House AIDS hospice in Houston, TX. He has served on the University of Texas Medical Branch’s “Decisions Near the End of Life Task Force” and numerous Medical Ethics committees. In 2010, he was awarded the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine award at the University of Texas Medical School. The award honors faculty who are exemplary in care and compassion toward patients and families, administer scientifically excellent clinical care, and serve as role models for students. Compassion, communication, empathy, cultural competence, ethics, end-of-life care, and most importantly how to live with chronic health problems like HIV/AIDS are central to Dr. Krucke’s practice. more information
Lama Ole Nydahl

Lama Ole Nydahl

Lama Ole Nydahl is an internationally renowned Buddhist Lama who has founded over 600 Diamond Way Buddhist Centers in 44 different countries. Nydahl is one of the most experienced teachers in the world for a Tibetan Buddhist practice on conscious dying called Phowa and has taught this meditation practice to more than 90,000 people over the last 25 years. His most recent book, published in four languages and currently being translated into seven more, provides detailed explanations of the dying process, supports Buddhist teachings with scientific investigation on near-death experiences, and offers practical advice for approaching death without fear. The English translation of Fearless Death will be available May 1, 2013. more information
Ernie Manouse

Moderator: Ernie Manouse

Ernie Manouse, a native of Binghamton, NY and a graduate of Loyola University Chicago, launched his broadcasting career with NBC News before producing programs at Chicago radio station WLS-AM. In 1996, Ernie joined HoustonPBS, and as an anchor and producer, he has garnered three Emmy Awards, five KATIE Awards, a Houston Press Club Lone Star Award, “viewer’s choice” recognition from multiple local and regional publications, and the title of “Ultimate Interviewer” from the Houston Chronicle. InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse, an Emmy-nominated and nationally broadcast interview series entered its eleventh season in October 2012. His weekly program Houston 8 explores stories and issues of importance to the Houston community. more information

Videos of The Event

See clips of the panel below:

Dr. Janice Holden, on the scientific basis for life after death:
Dr. Susan Lieberman, on the importance of preparation before death:
Dr. Gus W. Krucke, on the importance of making the most of each moment:
Lama Ole Nydahl, on the Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice known as Phowa, or "Conscious Dying".

A full length DVD of Death, Dying, and Transformation will be available for purchase soon.

The organizers of Death, Dying, and Transformation would like to thank all participants—our host and panelists, audience, planners—for creating an important and thought-provoking event!